careerYour weekend is over, and Monday morning is looming.  How do you feel?  Are you invigorated by a few days of rest and ready to get back to work?  Or, if you were a superhero and you had one superpower, would you destroy your job and any remnants of it?  If the second of these two scenarios best describes you, it might be time to see a Career Counselor.

Many people go through their entire lives believing that pursuing their passions at work would only lead them to a dead end, or that they don’t deserve to be happy in their professional lives. This couldn’t be farther from the truth – you have the ability to pursue your dreams, make them come true, and provide for yourself and for your family.

Thriveworks Roanoke Career Counseling is helping our friends and neighbors in Roanoke, VA take educated, responsible leaps of faith.  If you’re living in our area and you’re ready to start achieving your career goals, call us!  We’d love to be on your team!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t reach your goals!
We all have dreams and goals – some of us shout them from the roof tops, but many more of us keep them hidden, partially because we have had people in our lives who tell us we can’t achieve our goals.  Ignore those voices, and start listening to your instincts and to the voice of your Career Counselor.

A Thriveworks Roanoke Career Counselor will:

  • Help you honestly identify both your strengths and your weaknesses
  • Help you make a career plan that is both optimistic and realistic
  • Inform you on how to use the talents you already have for your professional gain

Your career counselor will encourage you to grow and be successful, and also teach you skills that you’ll have for the rest of your life and that you can pass on to others.

The first step toward achieving your career goals is to call us.
Stop second-guessing yourself, and stop listening to the negative things that others may say.  Believe in yourself, and call us today at (540) 788-5090 and see one of our career counselors this week, possibly even today!

We can’t wait to see all the things you’ll accomplish!

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